Scott is an Experimental Animator based in New York City.  With a mix of traditional and digital skills, Scott collaborates with brands, musicians, and creatives to create unique and diverse time-based art.  

Scott honed his creative, artistic, and technical skills in Boston.  While attending the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, he studied Animation and Graphic Design.  Following his education, Scott worked as an Animator and Editor for Harvard University as well as a Production Assistant for Brickyard VFX.

Currently, Scott lives in The Greater New York Area, working as an Assistant Editor and Animator at Mustache LLC in Brooklyn.  Throughout his career, he has created animated, video, and illustrative content for brands including Amazon, Bose, Gillette, Bank of America, and more.

As a filmmaker, Scott has been active in over 40 animation and film festivals worldwide, including Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and Nashville’s Defy Film Festival.